About Us


A woman enjoying coffee and writing notes for her luxury travel by a private jet charter flight

Lazing away a long relaxing day in the South Frigid zone, watching the cottony-fluffy Polar bears with a cup of steaming Adarak wali Chai. We all would fancy that, wouldn't we?

Wings To Your Dreams

Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you aboard. Fasten your seat belts as what you are about to experience is timeless, miraculous and gripping. We fly at an altitude where eminent visions, dreams and experiences exist. The flight time and memories are perpetual and you are in for experiences that are avant-garde with unparalleled access to anywhere in the world. Thank you for choosing us.

A woman sitting on a beach and enjoying a luxury trip with her daughter using the luxury concierge services

Our Credo

To the World at large trying to make a difference, Ferofly strives to make it different for you- To Each and Every dreamer.

Our adherence is to the visionary "Igniting Ambitious Journeys, Recreating the Future". We believe that each journey is as important as the destination. You are our forte and The cumulus clouds are symbolic to the opportunities in the journey.


Under the Wings

Ferofly’s grandeur aims at providing experiences that are at Zenith. We proffer Private Jets and Helicopter Charter services providing luxury travel escapades exclusively crafted for the ambitious and passionates.

Our luxury lifestyle travel brand offers bespoke tours and hand-woven world-class expeditions with dedicated and customised Personal, Business and Travel Concierge Services. We voice sumptuous snug luxury, and marvel at the experiences and services curated.

A family of four heading together towards a private aviation terminal and enjoying their travel concierge service
A women crew member in blue uniform heading towards a private jet terminal on airport


Our Heroes without Cape!

We come together from different corners of the world to serve you the finest. Our dedicated crew is set to make your journey smooth and mellow. We are a community-driven, young minds of vigour, ambition and passion. We strive to make an impact among our people.

Green Air

Flight towards Sustainability

We travel luxurious. We travel responsible. We travel sustainably. We Fly up the horizons of great vision.

As a brand, we align our efforts to the well-being of a sustainable environment. We understand that, for our planet to thrive in the future, sustainability should be the need of the hour.

Let’s together set a benchmark for all others in rapport and ensure our planet will be breathing oxygen for years to come.

A girl standing near a beach, holding private aircraft toy and enjoying her luxury vacation
Miniature family souvenir and a world globe depicting luxury travel through private jet charter flights throughout the world


Reminiscence of Elegance

We believe a journey is measured best in memories made and not miles. The best and most important moments of life need to be imbibed forever. We have an assorted menu card for creating memories designed especially for you.

Let’s celebrate with the stars in the sky.

You’ll find love, togetherness, and celebration. Enjoy the richness of life with us at Ferofly.