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Helicopter Charter Services

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Helicopter Charter Service

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Helicopters, an excellent choice for Business meetings, short flights chiefly to remote destinations or jam-packed city centrals considering the ease to land almost anywhere over bustling cities, ranch-style Hicksville or serene countryside; for short sightseeing joyrides, prolonged concierge-package stays, striking weddings, holy-land tours or rescue operations.



On-the-Go Helicopters


Seamlessly travel to your office destination in a perfectly planned, completely technology sequenced helicopter rides. Fixed route Air-Taxi services during the most congested traffic hours or just any time of the day to get you wherever you want faster and safer.

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Want to explore in quadcopter- a drone unmanned, self-piloted and remotely-controlled? Fly eVTOLs that facilitate vertical take-off and landings? Fancy piloting a chopper? You just may do all that and more as we are around the corners with these Next Gen Air Experiences using latest technological advancement in avionics.


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Get Acquainted with FeroLuxe's Hand-Woven Luxury – Experience the Beyond.

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A Gazillion momentous to Celebrate when life itself is an Occasion.


Helicopter charter and services entail renting helicopters with advanced capabilities. Proficiency in flying to remote locations and taking distinct time-altering routes with robustness, speed and efficiency aids heli-flyers globally. At par with inventive-intelligent aviation reaching its peak, FeroCopters proudly stand out from the rest in the air-game. The modern helicopter showstoppers also include -

Heli-Taxi - Its profound function is embodied in its name. Productive, time-saving and cost-effective helicopter travel taxi services that are made for serene fly-rides.

eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) - Heli-jets with decreased emissions, built to fly in complex urban environments with increased mobilisation. Proving the fact that the future is here!

Hybrid Drone-copters - The most modern electric flying-machine is considered to the epitome of progressive journeys.

Revering private helicopter charter services are delivered by esteemed private aviation companies like Ferofly India. With keen eyes set on the skies, we offer some of the best helicopter services which include the modernised and prevailing private chopper, luxury and business helicopter and a multitude of diverse heli-arrangements. The savvy seats of your FeroCopter are waiting for you book helicopter in India online via our website or our app on the app stores (you can also reach out directly by call phone icon (+91-9873889844) or WhatsApp).

Helicopters are considered to be one of the paciest, artiest and speediest flying machines for air transportation. Along with the feeling of flying in the form of a meritorious bird, the bird’s-eye survey and view make you feel like you’re ruling the cosmos. Helicopter booking price depends on the helicopter type, time and destination. An average helicopter cost INR 60,000 to INR 2,50,000 per hour. Approach a Feronaut for further helicopter fare details.

Variety of private helicopters have varying in-flight area and seat-strength. These helicopters are designed to contain comfortable, leggy and unruffled seats for imperturbable journeys. Depending on the gross weight of the load and the helicopter-type, the number of seats can differ. Most private helicopters or choppers can carry up to 3 to 15 flyers. Customizing your diverse needs, FeroCopters provide primal helicopters that are matched and tailor-made for your unmatched goals.

According to aerospace mathematical calculations and probabilities, the risk involved in riding in a planned private helicopter flight is about 0.00001%, indicating that the chance of fatalities is highly unlikely and very close to impossible. Even after this, you can completely vouch on the Safety and welfare experts of Ferofly in maintaining and managing the reliability of robust helicopters and their strong safety records. Be assured all the safety measures are taken care of as per the directions given by DGCA India.