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Ferofly understands your haste for air medical service, We promise you the fastest air mobilized jet and helicopter air ambulance facility with highly qualified medical team. You are in safe hands.


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Be it Personal Medical Emergency or Natural Catastrophe, We gaurantee you are provided with highly integrated and sufficient air ambulance facility with modern medical technology and affliated Medical team at your service even in the oddest of hours.


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Nobody wants to prepare for sombre journeys, emergencies or calamitous natural disasters. The reason why eminent, trusted and safe air ambulance services like FeroFirst exist the first one you can count on in the darkest of days, making crucial travels cushy. They comprise of heavily medically-equipped air ambulance helicopters and private jets. Prime pilots airlift injured or critical patients or flyers in need of air medical care, while flying to the vital destination for relocation or medicament.

Heavily medically equipped flying machines and outstanding in-flight healthcare soothes the ailing flyer’s journey. Sheltered aviation and safe guarding medical air ambulance services offered by Ferofly are considered to be one of the foremost and reliable necessities in times of medical despair.

In order to book an air ambulance service, visit our website or app (IOS and Android) or directly call us via phone phone icon (+91-9873889844) or WhatsApp, our team ceaselessly works day and night to be of assistance to you. FeroFirst selflessly assists you in air ambulance booking - leaving worries at bay and elevating our main priority (anybody and everybody in need!) The compassionate Feronauts are quite literally one call or flight away, reach out to us and we’ll be there first.

Depending on the pick-up and destination of the patient’s safe-journey, air ambulance price(s) can differ. In India, the cost of a flying ambulance can run anywhere between INR 1,20,000 - INR 8,00,000, billed per flying hour. Requesting you to contact our FeroFirst care-unit whose motive is to cater and combat all your medical air-journeys and emergencies, they will give you specific monetary information related to your immediate needs.

Air ambulances are made for patients in need of being medically supported + safely transported. From a patient who’s going through a fatal health emergency, Covid-19 patients, victims of uncalled natural disasters like hurricanes and damaging earthquakes, or someone who’s critically injured in a place where there are no signs of well-equipped health care. Even a family moving cities or countries and their loved ones that require international medical airlift service and additional salutary air assistance - FeroFirst vouches to be the first one present in times of exigency.

An air ambulance plane or helicopter is copiously aided with medical equipment vital for the patient’s relocation. ECGs, monitoring units, stretchers, mask resuscitators, ventilators, isolation pods and CPR equipment along with key emergency medications such as anticoagulants, propofol, beta-blockers and adrenalin (abundance of equipment and many more medications are present that are vital for sustaining life, in addition with other crucial salubrious devices residing in-flight). Medical flight services provided by FeroFirst ensure the patient’s well-being and safe-transfer in sickness and in health.

We understand that unfortunate medical mishaps and emergencies don’t come knocking at your door. They hit you with a sudden blunt force and in those painful times, we relentlessly work around the clock and share your troubles. While taking into account DGCA guidelines (varying at regular intervals and situations like COVID), we provide the air ambulance services at the highest priority - sending you or your distressed loved one support, in the fastest possible time.

While there is an added advantage of monetary costs being significantly lower if a medical flight request is placed ahead of time. Ideal allocation of your saviour private jet or helicopter is done by the supportive FeroFirst care-unit by Ferofly.