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Private Jet Charter Flights

The Privilege

The repute of a Private Jet Charter Flight is the honor for hard work and perpetual passion for success

Man in black t-shirt sitting in a compact-sized light private jet at the airport

Light Jets


Compact Private Jets

Bullet-Fast Charter Flights

If you are in to juggle a number of cities within a day’s span, FeroLight would be the right choice to let you reach your business travel destinations faster than you imagine. Facilitating an easy on-the-go meeting or finishing a pending paperwork over a sip of coffee, these Compact Entry-level private aircrafts can sit four to six people, providing fine range and speed with good luggage capacity.

Mid Jets

'Go-to' Charter Planes

Unmatched Comfort


The most popular private jet family that can accommodate eight to ten people and provides a very comfortable combination of short-field and longer range charter flights. These private aircrafts have ample space, good baggage capacity, a service galley and an on-board service experience. Surely, your ‘Go To’ private aircraft for an even-handed and productive charter flight hankering with greater speed.

Woman gazing outside in the sky and sitting comfortably in a medium sized private jet chartered flight
Cheerful and beautiful girl stepping in a super private jet charter plane, going for a luxury travel destination of her choice

Super Jets




Experience the epitome of comfort, luxury and convenience as these high speed super luxury jets can cover greater distance and can navigate at higher altitudes. Advanced aviation technology, polished charter flight experience and flawless safety are the reason enough to toast. These super-sized charter planes can hold up to 16 passengers and maybe more depending on the model.


Woman sitting comfortably and drinking wine with her business associate inside a luxury private jet chartered plane flying amidst the sky


To The Journey of Eager Beavers Champing at the Bit.Start Now.Start High.

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Get Acquainted with FeroLuxe's Hand-Woven Luxury – Experience the Beyond.

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The flight high up. Of Diversity. Of Oppurtunity. Of Dreams.

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A Gazillion momentous to Celebrate when life itself is an Occasion.


Adored by the best, a charter flight or a private jet, as most aviators love to call it, is a specially rented private aircraft built for remarkable journeys. They are individually curated and scheduled according to the flyer’s desire. A distinct private aviation terminal makes sure your privacy and exclusivity are kept at its forefront. Get your passionate journey recognized with Ferofly, let us deliver the ultimate journeying experience!

Supernal private jet charter companies like Ferofly India enable you to book your private jet online with efficacy using their official website or their apps on Apple and Android app stores respectively. You can also reach out to the Feronauts directly by call or WhatsApp phone icon (+91-9873889844). These exclusive private jet charter flights are professionally allocated keeping in mind your unweathering expectations. All you have to do is appear with that ambition in your eyes and fly through the skies!

The expenditure of chartering a flight can vary depending on the time, destination and the built of the chosen jet. The cost of a charter flight in India can run anywhere between INR 60,000 - INR 8,00,000, billed per flying hour. For specific monetary details related to your special journey on a private aircraft, contact us and we can give you further insight (and the best aerial experience!).

The architecture and foundation of private planes differs depending on their functionality. The different parameters include seat occupancy strength, range, speed and accessibility -

Light Jets - from up to one, solely flying in a mesmerising solace to 7 passengers, your closest-confidants riding together, widely used for business trip venturing, range of 1000 miles, can make short runway landings, extremely agile

Mid Jets from up to 9-15 flyers, range of 2000-3000 miles, suitable for long-range travelling, heavily utilized for all trips private and professional family journeys to work endeavours

Super Jets an unwavering capacity of up to 150 travellers, ultra-luxuriant aircrafts with extra-exquisite amenities, range of 3400 to 3600 miles

With an in-depth understanding of diverse needs, Feronauts allocate primal jets that are matched and tailor-made for your unmatched goals.

We know that your pets mean the world to you, the most beloved and integral part of one’s life-journey. Ferofly is delighted to inform you that carrying pets on charter flight is highly recommended. Along with peace of mind, there is also an increased level of safety. Pet proprietors who treat their canines and felines as a family always fly with their pets in the private planes - they would prefer not to face the risk of bargaining their pets' wellbeing while voyaging.

Flying in a charter plane is not only safe but also secure. Ferofly believes and ensures a high level of safety, privacy and security by ensuring all necessary checks and balances which makes private jet travel the safest air travel experiences of all times. Safety in flight along with security and composite avionics act in a perfectly synchronized manner, keeping your private jet journey out of harm’s way.

The adaptability and time-proficiency conceded by private aeronautics is impossible to match. At Ferofly, we realise the intense hustle you go through and that certain planned journeys could need last-minute adjustments. We are prepared to handle all your requests in a timely fashion, sometimes even less than1 day before your chartered flight takes off!