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To someone who wants to live to the fullest and experience everything in the world, mere opportunity of a budget-sensitive private jet charter flight is a godsend. Now, through FeroLite, Private Aviation is more affordable and reachable to every dreamers out there.

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Pinnacle Jet Chartering choice for Private air-travel propitious to Grab on Discounts and save plenty.

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Plan a trip to your dream destination and Share your private jet experience and memories together with your Friends, Acquaintance, Associates and Companions.


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In order to fly on a jet, many would correctly assume the fact that it takes ample of financial resources but Ferofly is here to lighten that monetary burden and inform you that affordable private jet flying exists in all its humble glory. Group charter flights empower you to fly the skies with like-minded ambitious hard-workers like yourself who share the same landing location (and goals as yours).

One of FeroLite’s many expertise include allocating the most affordable private jet and helicopters in the form of shared charter flights and empty leg flights, never comprising on finesse and luxury, while at the same time offering the best-budgetary.

Group Charter Flights is a principal way of winging and chartering a flight - one of the speediest, most efficient travel choices accessible. Whether it is private VIP travel, corporate or business travel, non-scheduled flights are booked for diverse individuals and groups by specialists, keeping in mind the like-minded requirements and destinations.

Group chartering services are amazingly adaptable and can be custom fitted to meet your particular prerequisites and requisites. Always distinguishing itself and confidently standing ahead of others, FeroLite and its fleet of flying machines are specialised providers of arrangements most appropriate to your necessities and the most cost-effective too.

The empty sector, ferry flights, or an empty leg flight are charter planes planned to fly with no travellers. They function and fly when a private airplane needs to relocate itself or return for a sanction to its individual set-location. At the point when an arranger has booked the private jet to fly one way, they are required to take that private plane back vacant to its original area (home base). Pioneering private jet charter companies like Ferofly offer empty leg flights with vacant legs at a diminished cost. Incredibly affordable arrangements can be found because of the unfilled seats, specifically for voyagers who have resonating travel-agendas.

Empty leg charter flights are an extraordinary method to score exceptionally affordable personal luxury private jets. Empty leg flights price fluctuates by destination, private jet type, dates and different subtleties. However, the bona fide certitude stands tall and true - that they can range anywhere between 25-75 percent off the standard charter flight cost, making empty leg specials the most accessible and affordable private jet flights.

Shared private jets have been in existence since the conception of private aviation. Whether it is fractional, group charter or seat sharing, the use of a shared private plane is manoeuvred by revered global companies and upcoming lionized leaders or entrepreneurs who recognise the importance of reasonableness. Company personnel widely indulge in company-wide sharing of charter flights, resulting in efficient consumption.

Adroit level of expertise is needed for the adept arrangement and operation of group air charter, considering optimal and resourceful selection. That is when FeroLite, its large fleet of private jets and our Feronauts carry the torch, and find you the most suited group jet charter . Contact us for additional information relating to private jet sharing of personal or corporate global journeying. To book a private jet, visit our website or app (IOS and Android) or directly call us via phone or WhatsApp phone icon (+91-9873889844).