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Beautiful Couple standing together besides their luxury car and enjoying the vip luxury concierge service from Ferofly

Lifestyle & Concierge Services

The Prestige

An avenue for relaxed and grandeur rhythm of life with perpetual leg-up to the finest contrivance. Your customized luxury concierge services to assist you in organizing and propping up your beau monde lifestyles.

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Lifestyle Concierge

Whether you are looking for exclusive roof-top dinner reservations, exotic luxury resorts and villas, striking photo points, native hotspots hidden from plain sight, we design you the perfect experiential travel escapades from solo ventures to family jetaways. Curated itinerary is laid out beforehand and the Feronauts who are available round the clock will be the immediate source of help should you face any trouble.



Routine Settlers

Ginnee-on-the-Go Enablers

As your Personal Concierge, we convert your thoughts to reality. The Magical Solution for Over-the-top extravagant desires as well as for the monotonous day-to-day errands. Save your time spent on the dilemmas of every basics and externalise your troubles and hankerings to us. Your wishes are tailored to precise detailings.

Romantic couple standing close, boy proposing the girl in a private jet chartered flight
Three ladies celebrating bachelorette and enjoying wine in their private villa



Professional Concierge

Corporate Customized

Catering the needs of Corporate Clientele, We jack up your Workforce Experience. Elevating employee Satisfaction and Retention; We strive to Inspire more Productivity and Excellence.



Bespoke Experiences


The Journey of Curiosity and Inspiration with your own personal essence. We believe in perpetual progression of Luxury Travel and strive to Create bespoke travel experiences crafted exclusively for you. From your home. To your home. And everything in-between. We are an ensemble Dedicated.

Couple enjoying wine and getting cozy while celebrating their anniversary in a private villa


Woman sitting comfortably and drinking wine with her business associate inside a luxury private jet chartered plane flying amidst the sky


To The Journey of Eager Beavers Champing at the Bit.Start Now.Start High.

Beautiful girl in black dress enjoying the grand view alone from a cliff top at a private resort using the luxury concierge service


Get Acquainted with FeroLuxe's Hand-Woven Luxury – Experience the Beyond.

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The flight high up. Of Diversity. Of Oppurtunity. Of Dreams.

Two young, gorgeous and smiling women, dressed in bikini suits, enjoying their luxury travel trip to their favourite holiday spot nearby a beach


A Gazillion momentous to Celebrate when life itself is an Occasion.


Applaudable branded client service dedicated to serving patrons in an affectionate manner. Existing to make life meaningful, just like Ferofly! Concierge executives have a knack for identifying your needs way before you could think of them - encompassing your professional, personal or travel requirements. Perfectly-coordinated with intelligence and lush hand-woven open jaw assistance that transcends your value. Ferofly offers the best concierge executives in India that results in exceptional guest experiences.

Concierge services equipped with international and local connections are widely used by leaders around the globe who take pride in the significance of their zenith - making the most out of everything in life. Skilful-specialised concierge title roles include -

VIP concierge - aides in complimenting your laudatory lifestyle and state of mind.

Travel concierge experts - Easing and pleasing your life-journeys, they fulfil your travel-hankering while empowering you to rejoice the treasured moments in bliss.

Professional and personal concierge experts - specialise in quintessential handling of executive corporate spadework and private endeavours.

FeroLuxe by Ferofly offers phenomenal concierge services expertise and ingenious connoisseurs to deliver first-class ministration - for the thriving high-flying triumphant (also known as you!)

Luxury is a state of mind that is backed by peace and success. A VIP concierge exists to deliver precisely that - serene, idyllic and victorious outcomes. Eloquently performing tasks related to the guest’s hearty yearnings and protruding their suave lifestyle. They tirelessly plan luxuriantly divine manoeuvres and take an enormous amount of load off your hard-working back. Constantly assisting, planning, catering and running errands to deliver the most satisfying and desirable results - solely for the honcho in you.

Flourishing concierge services are deeply invested in making every moment momentous by offering elite Business, Travel, Private and Luxury concierge expertise devoted to cater to your royal wants. Widely recognized as being illustrious and impassioned. Feronauts are aficionados when it comes to recognising your rampant and radiant requirements and delivering ravishing concierges.

To reserve a Lux-Concierge , cruise to our website or download the app on your Appstore (IOS and Android) or call us directly via phone or WhatsApp phone icon (+91-9873889844). Ferofly is one of the best concierge companies in India facilitating exquisite concierge connoisseurs best suited for luminary work, ornate travels and your precious-private magnetism. Book your concierge service online with FeroLuxe and let the enchantment begin!

A professionally compassionate concierge service is an individualised and premier amenity - inherently beneficial for intense corporate work-load, irresistible travel expeditions and fulfilment of your lavish requests. Lux-on-pay , our flagship monthly subscription product begins with INR 99,000 is highly recommended by FeroLuxe. It proffers proficient and erudite lifestyle concierge services in India. Get in touch with a Feronaut and subscribe to your concierge today to live life king-size and become a part of Ferofly’s fascinating family!

An intensely intellectual and creative personal concierge knows no limits when it comes to offering the finest affairs and assistance. They take pleasure in understanding the kind of ambitious and passionate person you are.

Existing to prioritise your zealous work goals and unburden the leaden weight of the Corp-world on your influential shoulders.

Your global journeys mean the world to our luxury travel experts. Minutely planning all your travel-tasks and always going the extra-mile in making your jaunty journeys extra-special.

Solicitous lifestyle management services remind you of your awe-inspiring values by amplifying your alluring lifestyle.

Inform us about your striking concierge desires and we shall deliver the perfect concierge-companion!