Private Jet Celebrations - Ferofly - Toast to Special Occasions


Young couple enjoying honeymoon standing together beside the beautiful sea side where they had organizared their destination wedding.

Private Jet Flights for your Special Moments

The Perfection

Let's Fly Mid-air and Propose a Toast to Happiness and Celebrations.

Women enjoying her luxury vacation at a private villa with her daughter in the swimmimg pool





Think Birthday celebrations tend to become a bit repetative? Did you end up doing exactly what you did last year? and the year before? Now, how do you feel about cutting Birthday Cakes amidst the Clouds?


She said Yassss!


Darlings in the Sky

Dreamy and Whimsical Ambience, beyond the Clouds and in between the Stars, Intimate and Unruffled Serenity. Can you imagine a place like that? More importantly, Imagine being Proposed in a place like that.

Cheerful young man enjoying his drink in a swimming pool during his luxury travel trip in a luxury resort and enjoying the personal concierge services
Young corporate executive communicating via phone for booking his personal concierge service online with Ferofly


Girls Night

Bride Mode On


Yep! No better reason to Party. And No other party like Bachelorette Party. Get wild in Sky for "Bach and boujee" before the Final Countdown.


Made in Heaven

Fall in Love, Again!

Celebration of Togetherness

Smiles, Laughs and Wedding Vows with Astral Levitations. Moments which need to be Lived. Experienced. And Memorized. What better Venue than 45,000 ft high up in the sky. As close to Heaven one can get.

Family of three walking together on a beach during luxury private jet trip and enjoying the travel concierge services

Biz Events

Joy of Success

Moments of Celebration

Levitation knows no bounds.

You fly once and you want to fly Forever. Because There is Freedom up there. There is Passion. There is Opportunity. Let's fly to Celebrate. And fly to create possible reasons to Celebrate.


Thanking the Supreme

Resolution and Belief

Religious and Pious

The Sacred Journey of peace and righteousness under the protective Wings of Ferofly. We Respect, Care and Acknowledge your Passage of Purpose.

Joy Rides

Helicopter Ride Experiences

Up in the Sky

Moments in Air

What's life without new and exciting experiences. Fly high up in the sky and marvel the Finest intricacies and macrocosm of Dame Nature.


Woman sitting comfortably and drinking wine with her business associate inside a luxury private jet chartered plane flying amidst the sky


To The Journey of Eager Beavers Champing at the Bit.Start Now.Start High.

Beautiful girl in black dress enjoying the grand view alone from a cliff top at a private resort using the luxury concierge service


Get Acquainted with FeroLuxe's Hand-Woven Luxury – Experience the Beyond.

Family standing together besides a helicopter charter and about to enjoy their luxury travel vacation in a helicopter ride in the blue sky


The flight high up. Of Diversity. Of Oppurtunity. Of Dreams.

Two young, gorgeous and smiling women, dressed in bikini suits, enjoying their luxury travel trip to their favourite holiday spot nearby a beach


A Gazillion momentous to Celebrate when life itself is an Occasion.


In our opinion, private jets and helicopters are for all occasions. We specialise in personalized aviation for every season and reason. Sit back and relax while we add the element of extraordinary in your experience.

Birthdays - Sky surprise your way into the next year with our exclusive private jets birthdays. Personalise the celebration and add a tone of prosperity by designating us as facilitators of your best birthday bash.

Proposals Loving and big decisions call for bigger celebrations! Switch atmospheres in our private jets for your surprise airplane proposal and express your love in an ethereal out-of-the-world moment.

Bachelorette - Take the ultimate luxury lap with your squad in our luxury private jets and helicopters! Defining charismatic travel with your ride-or-dies as we seamlessly cater to your unique requirements to make your bachelorette youthful and unforgettable.

Jet Wedding and anniversary - Charter our alluring private jet to enhance the celebration of your glorious momentous occasion. We love the responsibility of curating the perfect ambience when you say I do!

Event management - Here to match the enthusiasm in all your projects and ventures. Our competence adds finesse to your events, be it corporate or private.

Pilgrimage - Our faith and careful blend of service with technology is crafted for your crusade! Take that long awaited trip to places of worship minus the travel inconveniences in our fleet of peaceful private aircrafts and helicopters.

Joy rides and Adventure - The name says it all. Take a detour from the everyday and fly in our helicopter joy ride for an adventurous getaway!

We specialise in all aspects of fine travel and celebration of special occasions. Our Feronauts love to provide a unique flying experience and celebratory good-times with a guarantee of security, quality, luxury and grandeur.

Felicitous occasions spent with the ones that light up your world - eternal happiness . Ferofly and its jet-stream believe in the heartening impact of atmospheric moments. We uphold that belief by adding fuel to your dreamy moments while giving wings to you and your favourites. Feronauts specialise in making your special occasions extra-special by delivering the perfect private jet or helicopter. Contact a Feronaut today at phone icon +91-9873889844 or visit us at to book your pair of wings for your private jet party, they work 24x7 in order to make your occasions supreme and special.

The most peaceful and meaningful journey in life is the one that brings us closer to our faith. Pious pilgrimage yatras to sacred sanctums are pivotal to inner peace, soul searching and sense of belonging. Ferofly deeply admires and respects the sanctity of spiritual-journeys and offers helicopter charter services for the Char Dham yatra - Kedarnath Yatra, Badrinath Yatra, Gangotri and Yamunotri, also flying the elderly with utmost care to Amarnath Yatra and other spiritual destinations. The holy feelings of harmony and unity along with the euphoric inkling of being closer to the one above all make these yatras a life-changing experience.

Love always calls for a grand celebration the unification of hearts and the assembly of people that rule our world. Let the altitude and attitude match the occasion. Celebrate luxurious weddings with Ferofly’s luxury private jets and helicopters.

Eloquently used for pre-wedding for the special surprise airplane proposal, the most mystical “Yes!” moment.

Wedding the luscious pious D-day, arriving (and flying!) on the magic carpet via magical private jets and helicopters, used for guest arrival, the lavish entry of bride and groom, adding to the element of prestigious legacy.

Post-wedding customs and traditionality - the love birds luxuriously flying off to their love-nest honeymoon.

Your luxuriant high-fashion wedding is in harmonious sync with the extravagance and elegance that characterize high living, brought to you by our exquisite private jet stream. Allow us to indulge your lover, friends and family with specially curated loving experiences as you transcend the lines of geography and arrive at your dream destination wedding at your convenience.

For private jet charter and wedding helicopter bookings, download our app on the App Stores (iOS and Android) or sail to our website , you could also call us via phone or WhatsApp phone icon (+91-9873889844). Our Feronauts exist to deliver seamless planning and excellent high-quality service that has been designed to especially complement your stellar love-event. To discover more about celebrating luxurious weddings using Private Jets and Helicopters, click here.

What makes life truly luxurious are the special people in our lives and the moments we share with them, the kind that last a lifetime. There is a reason why the sky is the limit far away, at the top, it is a sanctuary for enriching-eternal memories. Ferofly’s private jets and helicopters are celebrated-carriers that take your tribe through the skies to their dream destination.

Whether it’s a destination wedding or a romantic surprise airplane proposal - these flying machines exuberantly profess the undying love you have for your lover. Family getaways, adventuring with friends, a beautiful jet birthday or a treasured jet anniversary, a private flight experience is ever-rich in supplying lifelong momentous vibes, it doesn’t get richer than this. The joyous Fero-rides you embark on with your confidants and the lifetime memories you make with them are etched in their hearts (and photo galleries!) forever.