Safe Private Jet Travel - Ferofly - Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


Two corporates executives wearing a mask and taking covid safety precautions while traveling in a private jet charter flight.

We care for your safety.


When Your Experience and Safety is Paramount.

360-degree Sanitization

100% tech-fumigated private jet charter flights with Unparalleled Calibre of Safety-Excellence to our guests.

HEPA-filtered Technology

IATA trusted Advanced filtration system which traps 99.97% bacteria and viruses to guarantee the safest journey possible.

our responsibility

Our Priority is to Promote Socially responsible Jaunts and Travel. By way of meticulous Operational changes and Prevailing Safety Precations, we make certain your flights are the safest.

Zero-touch Transfers

Zero-touch transfers owing to complete digital booking processes to guarantee the safest journey possible.

Fero’s Safenauts

Our Feronauts are the new Personalized safety Connoisseurs to help you stay safe and going.