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Adored by the best, a charter flight or a private jet, as most aviators love to call it, is a specially rented private aircraft built for remarkable journeys. They are individually curated and scheduled according to the flyer’s desire. A distinct private aviation terminal makes sure your privacy and exclusivity are kept at its forefront. Get your passionate journey recognized with Ferofly, let us deliver the ultimate journeying experience!

Supernal private jet charter companies like Ferofly India enable you to book your private jet online with efficacy using their official website or their apps on Apple and Android app stores respectively. You can also reach out to the Feronauts directly by call or WhatsApp (+91-9873889844). These exclusive private jet charter flights are professionally allocated keeping in mind your unweathering expectations. All you have to do is appear with that ambition in your eyes and fly through the skies!

The expenditure of chartering a flight can vary depending on the time, destination and the built of the chosen jet. The cost of a charter flight in India can run anywhere between INR 60,000 - INR 8,00,000, billed per flying hour. For specific monetary details related to your special journey on a private aircraft, contact us and we can give you further insight (and the best aerial experience!).

The architecture and foundation of private planes differs depending on their functionality. The different parameters include seat occupancy strength, range, speed and accessibility -

Light Jets - from up to one, solely flying in a mesmerising solace to 7 passengers, your closest-confidants riding together, widely used for business trip venturing, range of 1000 miles, can make short runway landings, extremely agile

Mid Jets from up to 9-15 flyers, range of 2000-3000 miles, suitable for long-range travelling, heavily utilized for all trips private and professional family journeys to work endeavours

Super Jets an unwavering capacity of up to 150 travellers, ultra-luxuriant aircrafts with extra-exquisite amenities, range of 3400 to 3600 miles

With an in-depth understanding of diverse needs, Feronauts allocate primal jets that are matched and tailor-made for your unmatched goals.

We know that your pets mean the world to you, the most beloved and integral part of one’s life-journey. Ferofly is delighted to inform you that carrying pets on charter flight is highly recommended. Along with peace of mind, there is also an increased level of safety. Pet proprietors who treat their canines and felines as a family always fly with their pets in the private planes - they would prefer not to face the risk of bargaining their pets' wellbeing while voyaging.

Flying in a charter plane is not only safe but also secure. Ferofly believes and ensures a high level of safety, privacy and security by ensuring all necessary checks and balances which makes private jet travel the safest air travel experiences of all times. Safety in flight along with security and composite avionics act in a perfectly synchronized manner, keeping your private jet journey out of harm’s way.

The adaptability and time-proficiency conceded by private aeronautics is impossible to match. At Ferofly, we realise the intense hustle you go through and that certain planned journeys could need last-minute adjustments. We are prepared to handle all your requests in a timely fashion, sometimes even less than1 day before your chartered flight takes off!


Applaudable branded client service dedicated to serving patrons in an affectionate manner. Existing to make life meaningful, just like Ferofly! Concierge executives have a knack for identifying your needs way before you could think of them - encompassing your professional, personal or travel requirements. Perfectly-coordinated with intelligence and lush hand-woven open jaw assistance that transcends your value. Ferofly offers the best concierge executives in India that results in exceptional guest experiences.

Concierge services equipped with international and local connections are widely used by leaders around the globe who take pride in the significance of their zenith - making the most out of everything in life. Skilful-specialised concierge title roles include -

VIP concierge - aides in complimenting your laudatory lifestyle and state of mind.

Travel concierge experts - Easing and pleasing your life-journeys, they fulfil your travel-hankering while empowering you to rejoice the treasured moments in bliss.

Professional and personal concierge experts - specialise in quintessential handling of executive corporate spadework and private endeavours.

FeroLuxe by Ferofly offers phenomenal concierge services expertise and ingenious connoisseurs to deliver first-class ministration - for the thriving high-flying triumphant (also known as you!)

Luxury is a state of mind that is backed by peace and success. A VIP concierge exists to deliver precisely that - serene, idyllic and victorious outcomes. Eloquently performing tasks related to the guest’s hearty yearnings and protruding their suave lifestyle. They tirelessly plan luxuriantly divine manoeuvres and take an enormous amount of load off your hard-working back. Constantly assisting, planning, catering and running errands to deliver the most satisfying and desirable results - solely for the honcho in you.

Flourishing concierge services are deeply invested in making every moment momentous by offering elite Business, Travel, Private and Luxury concierge expertise devoted to cater to your royal wants. Widely recognized as being illustrious and impassioned. Feronauts are aficionados when it comes to recognising your rampant and radiant requirements and delivering ravishing concierges.

To reserve a Lux-Concierge , cruise to our website or download the app on your Appstore (IOS and Android) or call us directly via phone or WhatsApp (+91-9873889844). Ferofly is one of the best concierge companies in India facilitating exquisite concierge connoisseurs best suited for luminary work, ornate travels and your precious-private magnetism. Book your concierge service online with FeroLuxe and let the enchantment begin!

A professionally compassionate concierge service is an individualised and premier amenity - inherently beneficial for intense corporate work-load, irresistible travel expeditions and fulfilment of your lavish requests. Lux-on-pay , our flagship monthly subscription product begins with INR 99,000 is highly recommended by FeroLuxe. It proffers proficient and erudite lifestyle concierge services in India. Get in touch with a Feronaut and subscribe to your concierge today to live life king-size and become a part of Ferofly’s fascinating family!

An intensely intellectual and creative personal concierge knows no limits when it comes to offering the finest affairs and assistance. They take pleasure in understanding the kind of ambitious and passionate person you are.

Existing to prioritise your zealous work goals and unburden the leaden weight of the Corp-world on your influential shoulders.

Your global journeys mean the world to our luxury travel experts. Minutely planning all your travel-tasks and always going the extra-mile in making your jaunty journeys extra-special.

Solicitous lifestyle management services remind you of your awe-inspiring values by amplifying your alluring lifestyle.

Inform us about your striking concierge desires and we shall deliver the perfect concierge-companion!


Helicopter charter and services entail renting helicopters with advanced capabilities. Proficiency in flying to remote locations and taking distinct time-altering routes with robustness, speed and efficiency aids heli-flyers globally. At par with inventive-intelligent aviation reaching its peak, FeroCopters proudly stand out from the rest in the air-game. The modern helicopter showstoppers also include -

Heli-Taxi - Its profound function is embodied in its name. Productive, time-saving and cost-effective helicopter travel taxi services that are made for serene fly-rides.

eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) - Heli-jets with decreased emissions, built to fly in complex urban environments with increased mobilisation. Proving the fact that the future is here!

Hybrid Drone-copters - The most modern electric flying-machine is considered to the epitome of progressive journeys.

Revering private helicopter charter services are delivered by esteemed private aviation companies like Ferofly India. With keen eyes set on the skies, we offer some of the best helicopter services which include the modernised and prevailing private chopper, luxury and business helicopter and a multitude of diverse heli-arrangements. The savvy seats of your FeroCopter are waiting for you book helicopter in India online via our website or our app on the app stores (you can also reach out directly by call (+91-9873889844) or WhatsApp).

Helicopters are considered to be one of the paciest, artiest and speediest flying machines for air transportation. Along with the feeling of flying in the form of a meritorious bird, the bird’s-eye survey and view make you feel like you’re ruling the cosmos. Helicopter booking price depends on the helicopter type, time and destination. An average helicopter cost INR 60,000 to INR 2,50,000 per hour. Approach a Feronaut for further helicopter fare details.

Variety of private helicopters have varying in-flight area and seat-strength. These helicopters are designed to contain comfortable, leggy and unruffled seats for imperturbable journeys. Depending on the gross weight of the load and the helicopter-type, the number of seats can differ. Most private helicopters or choppers can carry up to 3 to 15 flyers. Customizing your diverse needs, FeroCopters provide primal helicopters that are matched and tailor-made for your unmatched goals.

According to aerospace mathematical calculations and probabilities, the risk involved in riding in a planned private helicopter flight is about 0.00001%, indicating that the chance of fatalities is highly unlikely and very close to impossible. Even after this, you can completely vouch on the Safety and welfare experts of Ferofly in maintaining and managing the reliability of robust helicopters and their strong safety records. Be assured all the safety measures are taken care of as per the directions given by DGCA India.


In our opinion, private jets and helicopters are for all occasions. We specialise in personalized aviation for every season and reason. Sit back and relax while we add the element of extraordinary in your experience.

Birthdays - Sky surprise your way into the next year with our exclusive private jets birthdays. Personalise the celebration and add a tone of prosperity by designating us as facilitators of your best birthday bash.

Proposals Loving and big decisions call for bigger celebrations! Switch atmospheres in our private jets for your surprise airplane proposal and express your love in an ethereal out-of-the-world moment.

Bachelorette - Take the ultimate luxury lap with your squad in our luxury private jets and helicopters! Defining charismatic travel with your ride-or-dies as we seamlessly cater to your unique requirements to make your bachelorette youthful and unforgettable.

Jet Wedding and anniversary - Charter our alluring private jet to enhance the celebration of your glorious momentous occasion. We love the responsibility of curating the perfect ambience when you say I do!

Event management - Here to match the enthusiasm in all your projects and ventures. Our competence adds finesse to your events, be it corporate or private.

Pilgrimage - Our faith and careful blend of service with technology is crafted for your crusade! Take that long awaited trip to places of worship minus the travel inconveniences in our fleet of peaceful private aircrafts and helicopters.

Joy rides and Adventure - The name says it all. Take a detour from the everyday and fly in our helicopter joy ride for an adventurous getaway!

We specialise in all aspects of fine travel and celebration of special occasions. Our Feronauts love to provide a unique flying experience and celebratory good-times with a guarantee of security, quality, luxury and grandeur.

Felicitous occasions spent with the ones that light up your world - eternal happiness . Ferofly and its jet-stream believe in the heartening impact of atmospheric moments. We uphold that belief by adding fuel to your dreamy moments while giving wings to you and your favourites. Feronauts specialise in making your special occasions extra-special by delivering the perfect private jet or helicopter. Contact a Feronaut today at +91-9873889844 or visit us at to book your pair of wings for your private jet party, they work 24x7 in order to make your occasions supreme and special.

The most peaceful and meaningful journey in life is the one that brings us closer to our faith. Pious pilgrimage yatras to sacred sanctums are pivotal to inner peace, soul searching and sense of belonging. Ferofly deeply admires and respects the sanctity of spiritual-journeys and offers helicopter charter services for the Char Dham yatra - Kedarnath Yatra, Badrinath Yatra, Gangotri and Yamunotri, also flying the elderly with utmost care to Amarnath Yatra and other spiritual destinations. The holy feelings of harmony and unity along with the euphoric inkling of being closer to the one above all make these yatras a life-changing experience.

Love always calls for a grand celebration the unification of hearts and the assembly of people that rule our world. Let the altitude and attitude match the occasion. Celebrate luxurious weddings with Ferofly’s luxury private jets and helicopters.

Eloquently used for pre-wedding for the special surprise airplane proposal, the most mystical “Yes!” moment.

Wedding the luscious pious D-day, arriving (and flying!) on the magic carpet via magical private jets and helicopters, used for guest arrival, the lavish entry of bride and groom, adding to the element of prestigious legacy.

Post-wedding customs and traditionality - the love birds luxuriously flying off to their love-nest honeymoon.

Your luxuriant high-fashion wedding is in harmonious sync with the extravagance and elegance that characterize high living, brought to you by our exquisite private jet stream. Allow us to indulge your lover, friends and family with specially curated loving experiences as you transcend the lines of geography and arrive at your dream destination wedding at your convenience.

For private jet charter and wedding helicopter bookings, download our app on the App Stores (iOS and Android) or sail to our website , you could also call us via phone or WhatsApp (+91-9873889844). Our Feronauts exist to deliver seamless planning and excellent high-quality service that has been designed to especially complement your stellar love-event. To discover more about celebrating luxurious weddings using Private Jets and Helicopters, click here.

What makes life truly luxurious are the special people in our lives and the moments we share with them, the kind that last a lifetime. There is a reason why the sky is the limit far away, at the top, it is a sanctuary for enriching-eternal memories. Ferofly’s private jets and helicopters are celebrated-carriers that take your tribe through the skies to their dream destination.

Whether it’s a destination wedding or a romantic surprise airplane proposal - these flying machines exuberantly profess the undying love you have for your lover. Family getaways, adventuring with friends, a beautiful jet birthday or a treasured jet anniversary, a private flight experience is ever-rich in supplying lifelong momentous vibes, it doesn’t get richer than this. The joyous Fero-rides you embark on with your confidants and the lifetime memories you make with them are etched in their hearts (and photo galleries!) forever.


In order to fly on a jet, many would correctly assume the fact that it takes ample of financial resources but Ferofly is here to lighten that monetary burden and inform you that affordable private jet flying exists in all its humble glory. Group charter flights empower you to fly the skies with like-minded ambitious hard-workers like yourself who share the same landing location (and goals as yours).

One of FeroLite’s many expertise include allocating the most affordable private jet and helicopters in the form of shared charter flights and empty leg flights, never comprising on finesse and luxury, while at the same time offering the best-budgetary.

Group Charter Flights is a principal way of winging and chartering a flight - one of the speediest, most efficient travel choices accessible. Whether it is private VIP travel, corporate or business travel, non-scheduled flights are booked for diverse individuals and groups by specialists, keeping in mind the like-minded requirements and destinations.

Group chartering services are amazingly adaptable and can be custom fitted to meet your particular prerequisites and requisites. Always distinguishing itself and confidently standing ahead of others, FeroLite and its fleet of flying machines are specialised providers of arrangements most appropriate to your necessities and the most cost-effective too.

The empty sector, ferry flights, or an empty leg flight are charter planes planned to fly with no travellers. They function and fly when a private airplane needs to relocate itself or return for a sanction to its individual set-location. At the point when an arranger has booked the private jet to fly one way, they are required to take that private plane back vacant to its original area (home base). Pioneering private jet charter companies like Ferofly offer empty leg flights with vacant legs at a diminished cost. Incredibly affordable arrangements can be found because of the unfilled seats, specifically for voyagers who have resonating travel-agendas.

Empty leg charter flights are an extraordinary method to score exceptionally affordable personal luxury private jets. Empty leg flights price fluctuates by destination, private jet type, dates and different subtleties. However, the bona fide certitude stands tall and true - that they can range anywhere between 25-75 percent off the standard charter flight cost, making empty leg specials the most accessible and affordable private jet flights.

Shared private jets have been in existence since the conception of private aviation. Whether it is fractional, group charter or seat sharing, the use of a shared private plane is manoeuvred by revered global companies and upcoming lionized leaders or entrepreneurs who recognise the importance of reasonableness. Company personnel widely indulge in company-wide sharing of charter flights, resulting in efficient consumption.

Adroit level of expertise is needed for the adept arrangement and operation of group air charter, considering optimal and resourceful selection. That is when FeroLite, its large fleet of private jets and our Feronauts carry the torch, and find you the most suited group jet charter . Contact us for additional information relating to private jet sharing of personal or corporate global journeying. To book a private jet, visit our website or app (IOS and Android) or directly call us via phone or WhatsApp (+91-9873889844).


Nobody wants to prepare for sombre journeys, emergencies or calamitous natural disasters. The reason why eminent, trusted and safe air ambulance services like FeroFirst exist the first one you can count on in the darkest of days, making crucial travels cushy. They comprise of heavily medically-equipped air ambulance helicopters and private jets. Prime pilots airlift injured or critical patients or flyers in need of air medical care, while flying to the vital destination for relocation or medicament.

Heavily medically equipped flying machines and outstanding in-flight healthcare soothes the ailing flyer’s journey. Sheltered aviation and safe guarding medical air ambulance services offered by Ferofly are considered to be one of the foremost and reliable necessities in times of medical despair.

In order to book an air ambulance service, visit our website or app (IOS and Android) or directly call us via phone (+91-9873889844) or WhatsApp, our team ceaselessly works day and night to be of assistance to you. FeroFirst selflessly assists you in air ambulance booking - leaving worries at bay and elevating our main priority (anybody and everybody in need!) The compassionate Feronauts are quite literally one call or flight away, reach out to us and we’ll be there first.

Depending on the pick-up and destination of the patient’s safe-journey, air ambulance price(s) can differ. In India, the cost of a flying ambulance can run anywhere between INR 1,20,000 - INR 8,00,000, billed per flying hour. Requesting you to contact our FeroFirst care-unit whose motive is to cater and combat all your medical air-journeys and emergencies, they will give you specific monetary information related to your immediate needs.

Air ambulances are made for patients in need of being medically supported + safely transported. From a patient who’s going through a fatal health emergency, Covid-19 patients, victims of uncalled natural disasters like hurricanes and damaging earthquakes, or someone who’s critically injured in a place where there are no signs of well-equipped health care. Even a family moving cities or countries and their loved ones that require international medical airlift service and additional salutary air assistance - FeroFirst vouches to be the first one present in times of exigency.

An air ambulance plane or helicopter is copiously aided with medical equipment vital for the patient’s relocation. ECGs, monitoring units, stretchers, mask resuscitators, ventilators, isolation pods and CPR equipment along with key emergency medications such as anticoagulants, propofol, beta-blockers and adrenalin (abundance of equipment and many more medications are present that are vital for sustaining life, in addition with other crucial salubrious devices residing in-flight). Medical flight services provided by FeroFirst ensure the patient’s well-being and safe-transfer in sickness and in health.

We understand that unfortunate medical mishaps and emergencies don’t come knocking at your door. They hit you with a sudden blunt force and in those painful times, we relentlessly work around the clock and share your troubles. While taking into account DGCA guidelines (varying at regular intervals and situations like COVID), we provide the air ambulance services at the highest priority - sending you or your distressed loved one support, in the fastest possible time.

While there is an added advantage of monetary costs being significantly lower if a medical flight request is placed ahead of time. Ideal allocation of your saviour private jet or helicopter is done by the supportive FeroFirst care-unit by Ferofly.